Reiner Von Weber, founder of X-Class Drone Racing, stopped by the IDRLC booth at AMA Expo West and gave up an impromptu interview about his X-Class drone.

As a member of Team Vondrone, founded at the 2014 Bay Area Maker Faire, Von Weber shares a passion in building PVC and wood drones (and crashing them!) in front of audiences that found his level of enthusiasm infectious. Drones were flown in front of over 100,000 fair attendees and it was uphill from there!
From there, Team Vondrone realized that their passion and hobby could actually be something enjoyed by many, and they brought their show across the United States, from Vegas to New York.
Von Weber comes with over 30 years experience in the R/C world working with cars, boats and airplanes, along with six years experience building, flying and crashing UAVs. Thank you to Von Reiner and X-Class for giving us a brief look at what goes into their X-Class drone!