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FPV WRA Spec Class Rules

IDRL FPV Spec Wing Racing

Prize Purses $16,000 for Wing Racing

  • 1st Place $5,500
  • 2nd Place $4,000
  • 3rd Place $2,000
  • 4th Place $1,000
  • 5th Place $900
  • 6th Place $800
  • 7th Place $725
  • 8th Place $525
  • 9th Place $425
  • 10 Place $125



Wingspan:  36″ +/- 1/2″ (Does not include winglets)

Airfoil:  NACA 0014

Wing sweep:  12″ +/- 1/2″

Chord:  Central- 9″, tip- 6″ +/- 1/2″ (includes elevons!)

Root Chord thickness:  1.25″ +/-1/4″

Tip Chord thickness:  0.85″ +/-1/4″

Elevons:  Balsa or foam

Material:  EPP, EPS, EPO, fan fold foam, or foam board (Foam board should be formed to airfoil requirements)

Motor:  Cobra CP-2210 2200kv Motor T-Motor AT2310 2200kv Motor

Battery: 3s 2200 (Max Charge 4.2V per Cell)

VTX:  200 mW 5.8GHz w/ raceband

Vertical stabilizers:  Winglets ONLY (new for 2018 season)
Winglets:  ABS, coroplast, or foam (3D Printed materials such as PLA

or PETG are also acceptable)

Servos and ESC:  Pilot’s choice

Prop: Cobra Motor- APC 6X4, T-Motor APC 6×4

Spars:  Manufacturers choice not less than 1/2″ behind leading Edge


Flight Controller: FC/gyros are not permitted


*VTX power and RC control frequencies stated may not be legal in your country. Chapter Organizers and Race Directors outside the United States should place power limits and control frequency restrictions based on their Country’s Communications Regulations.

Spirits of Spec-Wing Racing: All airframes will be competitively equal in order to provide an even competition base for all Pilots. 


*ALL Spec-Wing airframes should conform to the Spirit of Spec-Wing Racing.

*ALL Spec-Wings are subject to prerace and postrace inspections. (See Spec inspection process)

The following is a list of Manufacturers who have submitted Spec Wing Kits for inspection and have been granted Official FPVWRA “Spec Approved” recognition. Kits that have been “Spec Approved” are designed to and meet the Spec Class design. These kits have passed FPVWRA scrutiny, and as such should have zero issues passing tech inspections on race day. Spec Wings purchased through the FPVWRA Store will include a “Spec Approved” sticker that should be applied to the completed airframe, allowing the operator to breeze through inspections in seconds rather than minutes.


  • Video Aerial Systems
  • TBRC Wings
  • Ritewing (RiteSpec V1 and V3)
  • Wind Catcher RC
  • Flyingwings.co.uk


Race Format for Selecting Winners


    • Qualifying rounds (Heads up racing first to predetermined number of laps, which is determined by the IDRLC): Best (3) out of (5) rounds
    • Semi-final round will include the top 25-50 pilots, depending on the number of pilots that have signed up. If there are under 100 pilots, the top 25 go to Semi-final; if there are over 100 pilots, the top 50 reach the Semi-final round


  • The Final Round will include the top 5 pilots



Race Rules


  • Flight buffer zones will be established in which no pilot shall cross during the race (***Crossing of any buffer zone constitutes an immediate disqualification and grounding of the pilot for the remainder of the event***)
  • At NO time are pilots permitted to fly beyond the buffer zones
  • Race course design will allow pilots to make turns toward buffer zones at a safe distance in order to ensure the safety of spectators
  • All pilots are expected to maintain control of their aircraft at all times
  • The Race Director may, at his or her discretion, force an unsafe pilot to land their aircraft
  • In the event of a video or control failure, pilots will do their best to navigate their aircraft to a safe landing zone away from people
  • In the event of a fire, the race will be cancelled immediately, and all pilots will either land or fly safely away from the fire so that emergency crews can extinguish the fire
  • Races will be started from a 10-second countdown with all aircraft in the air
  • Pilots may launch their own aircraft or have a designated launcher
  • One failed launch per race is permitted, provided the aircraft is airworthy and can be re-launched immediately
  • Time Penalties:
    • Missed Flag (must fly below top of flag) – 3 seconds
    • Missed Maneuver (i.e. split-S, Immelmann) – 3 seconds
    • Missed Gate – 10 seconds
  • Upon the completion of each race, pilots will land in the designated landing area in a timely manner so that the next race can begin promptly
  • Failure of a pilot to treat other pilots and spectators in a respectful manner may result in disqualification
  • All decisions made by IDRLC are made final and at its sole discretion




Qualifying points shall be assigned as follows:


  • 1st Place – 10 pts
  • 2nd Place – 7 pts
  • 3rd Place – 5 pts
  • 4th Place – 3 pts
  • 5th Place – 2 pts


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